Biomass Gas to Burn Kilns

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Biomass Fluidized Bed Gasification integrated system to burn Kilns


Biomass Updraft fixedbed Gasification integrated System to Burn Kilns


Biomass Downdraft Fixedbed Integrated System to Burn Kilns 

1. Technical Process

Biomass reacted in gasifier and is converted to syngas and charcoal. The syngas and charcoal are seperated by cyclone, then the syngas is sent directly to burn kilns ,or dryer . The charcoal is cooled down and realsed out for collection and packing .

2. Technical feature

A . 1kg biomass can produce 2m3-2.5m3

B. The CV of gas is 1150kcal/Nm3 to 1300kcal/Nm3

C.100KG biomss can supply 240000kcal thermal,which is equal to 24kg 0# diesel. 

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