High Value Utilization of Biomass Gasification Technology

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Through gasification technology, biomass can be used as raw material for coupled power generation , multi-production and preparation process of natural gas.

     Coupled Power Generation Technology:  Biomass fully reacts with air to get high temperature biogas, which is sent into pulverized coal boiler to achieve coupled power generation.

 Multi-Production Technology: Biomass partial reacts with air to get biogas and biochar, which can be further produced to acticarbon, electricity, heat, liquid and fertilizer.

 Preparation Technology of Natural Gas: Biomass are converted into high quality syngas in the dual fluidized bed, which is converted into natural gas.


1. Outstanding Economical Benefits : High value cascading output of natural gas/biochar/electricity/heat/liquid/fertilizer etc.

2. Good Environmental Effects: Achieve "zero emissions" or "negative emissions" .

3. Flexible energy utilization:  Distributed use of energy is achieved with scale from 100kWe-30MWe.

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